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13. 7. 2022

The program could not be executed, due to https://driversol.com/dll/wkwin32_dll an incorrect command argument or, for example, because the on-line help was called. Before the program can run correctly, the specified parameters must be changed. When programming with FCRYPT, this error code will also be returned when the specified WIBU-BOX was not found, so that the encryption fails. Appendice D Program Return Codes Return codes are issued by command line programs at termination, upon reverting to the start location . Here, the value can be analyzed for further processing. The return value 0 always refers to a program which terminated without any errors.

  • This will allow us to deal with the support case much more efficiently.
  • Wkwin32.dll is an outside resource, creating good opportunities for Graphisoft Archicad 16 problems to happen.
  • Select the compressed file and Press the right mouse button.

Runtime Files opens an html file with 6 current Runtime Kit and Driver Update versions in multiple languages. Here you can select the appropriate Runtime Kit for integration in your installation program. The current versions of the Runtime Kit can always be found on

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All other options can only be combined with /CD, /CG and /CX. The option /CON describes a text number-sequence data format based on decimal numbers. The numbers must consist of the digits 0 to 9 without blanks, and are set up in the range between 0 and 255. When read by WKCRYPT, they are separated by a tab or comma.

Setting these parameters offers additional security when changing the contents of an entry by Remote Programming. The symbols are shown on the right side of the Added Data Entry in a separate field. The programming sequence in case of the last figure depends on the serial number of the WIBU-BOX, the internal programming counter and the actual data contents. If the internal programming counter option is specified, the programming sequence changes with each programming operation. The data contents option makes the programming sequence depend on the actual data to be protected.

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It is very easy to search for a local WIBU-BOX first, and if no suitable local WIBU-BOXes have been found, to browse the network for WIBU-BOX hardware. With WkLAN nearly every function that accesses the WIBU-BOX locally can access it over the network. All WIBU-API functions can be directed to a network server. It is possible to open a WIBU-BOX over the network, to read its contents, to encrypt data or to reprogram entries.

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The applications or modules that fit to the Master Code share the User Quantity. As soon as one application is running the number of software copies which can be started is reduced by one for all other applications and modules. Besides the actual protection of the software in a network, it is possible to define the number of software licenses a customer can use in his network at the same time. WIBU-KEY offers its customers a high degree of flexibility in the realization of Network License Management. Another way to distribute software by time is to set an Expiration Date.