How to Automatically Update Windows Drivers in 2022

9. 8. 2022

Internet browsers, communication apps like Skype or WhatsApp, and music applications such as Spotify can run on standard audio driver protocols such as WDM or WASAPI. Most DAW’s, on the other hand, require the audio device to run on the ASIO driver protocol. If your audio device is class-compliant and you are using it in a recording environment, you will want to use ASIO4All. Learn more about audio driver protocols and ASIO4All. If you have the driver file on your computer, you can select Browse my computer for driver software. Under Driver Updates, a list of updates will be available, which you can choose to install if you are facing an issue manually.

  • In this case, you need to do the rollback process manually.
  • In this post, we are going to discuss on How to download and Reinstall AMD Graphics Drivers update in Windows 10.
  • So you’ll need to install and run it on your Windows computer.

If your computer came with Windows 10 installed, you can either restore the original sound driver through HP Recovery Manager or update it through Device Manager. So that is our discussion on how to update drivers on Windows 10. You should update your drivers to speed up your computer’s performance. However, the installation process for graphics drivers is slightly different than other components. Depending on the file format of the downloaded drivers, the driver files need to be extracted. For archived files, Windows 11 offers direct support.


Therefore, you will need to reinstall it to make sure everything is okay. It’s a straightforward way that can help you get other updates together with Nvidia. Now, you can remove the Nvidia logging file in the Windows Registry. You will need to select a date from the dropdown menu. Therefore, you should block Windows from doing so, although there’s no way to hide or block updates inside Windows.

Alternatively SSH directly into the machine. You can click on “Check for Updates” on the far right to manually begin a search. Select the Update Driver option to update the display driver. Now, follow the steps as below to perform a clean install of Windows 10. Using MiniTool Partition Wizard can not only help you backup partition and disk but also help you format partition, resize partition, check file system, convert MBR disk to GPT. Now let’s see detailed steps to backup disk and reinstall Windows 10.

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Part of how these things have managed such drastic leaps ahead is through the use of new graphics cards and drivers. A graphics driver is responsible for controlling how any of the hardware or software related to displays can work within your computer. If your network stopped working after a recent update, try uninstalling the network adapter. After uninstalling, restarting your computer will connect it to the latest driver. Click „Ok“ when prompted to uninstall the device.

Go into Device Manager, select ‚view‘ menu and select the ‚Show hidden devices‘. Find your device description and select the ‚uninstall‘ menu option. Once unloaded, you can manually load the hxge driver again, using the modprobecommand; the driver has not been uninstalled. It is okay to just uninstall the Nvidia control panel since that is mostly intended for adjusting games, recording, and so on, but not the display driver, as you mentioned.

To solve most problems installing updates, use the Windows Update Troubleshooter from Microsoft. If that does not work, manually troubleshoot the issue. Double-click the graphics driver and select the Properties option. Intel, AMD and Nvidia drivers are also shipped via Windows Update.